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What are the different types of visas available?

When a person wishes to come to the United States, they must first seek permission from the government by applying for a visa. There are many different types of visas available for those who wish to come into the states from a foreign country, including the following:

Business & Investor Visas
This type of visa allows a person to come into the United States on a temporary basis as with the means of engaging with the subjects of a business or investor. It is often the best solution for a person who has ties to a business and must come to the United States or a person who is investing in a corporation. Click here to read more about business and investor visas...

Employment Visas & Work Visas
Both of these types of visas are very similar in the sense that they allow a person to come to the United States with the sole purpose of seeking employment. Often in these cases, a person must already have an offer from a certain organization in order to be approved. Click here to read more about employment visas and work visas...

J 1 Visas for Internships and Training
This type of visa allows a person to enter the United States for the purpose of obtaining essential training or an internship. This is often referred to as an exchange visitor visa and will allow a person to remain here for six months to seven years. Click here to read more about J 1 visas...

H-1B Visas for Specialty Workers
A specialty occupation visa is reserved for a person who is entering into the United States with the intention of accepting employment in a professional capacity and for a temporary period of time. This visa also allows for the worker's children to apply for an H-4 visa. Click here to read more about H-1B visas...

E Visas for Traders and Investors
Those traders and investors who are tied to American businesses or even own American businesses may apply for this type of visa with the intention of coming into the country to run or assist with the business or invest in a corporation. Click here to read more about E visas...

Family Visas
A family visa allows a person to bring in a family member, such as a fiancée, unmarried children under the age of 21, or a spouse. It is extremely beneficial and for many, long awaited. If you want to pursue family visa status for your family member, call us today! Click here to read more about family visas...

Fiancée Visas
A visa that is designated to bring a U.S. citizen's fiancée into the country, a couple applying for this type of visa must wed within 90 days of entering into the country. Click here to read more about fiancée visas...

Immigrant Visas
These types of visas are designated for employment and residential based purposes. When a person intends to move to the United States for a long period of time or permanently, this may be the best option for them. Click here to read more about immigrant visas...

Non-Immigrant Visas
A non-immigrant visa will best suit a person seeking temporary entrance into the United States, such as a student or business and investment visa. Click here to read more about non-immigrant visas...

Other Types of Visas in New York

Some of the other common types of visas in New York that our law firm can assist you in achieving include student visas, work visas, H-2 temporary worker visas, B-2 visitor for pleasure visas, L-1 intra-company transferee visas, and P-1 performing artists and athletes visas. We handle virtually all types of visas and immigration-related cases in New York. Our legal team has over 35 years of experience and has even been rated Preeminent™ by Martindale-Hubbell®. With our outstanding track record, we know that we can provide the highest quality of legal representation to all clients throughout the area. We can assist on all immigrant and non-immigrant visas, in addition to the areas of deportation defense and immigration assistance for employers. No matter what legal situation you may be dealing with, we want to help. We refuse to back down in the face of adversity, and we are always willing to exhaust our resources to benefit our clients and their futures. Call us today!

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